Etched Tie Pins

Etched Tie Pins

At Max Quality, you'll find the finest quality and extensive custom-made designer Tie Pins and readymade Etched Tie Pins, Choose from 100+ trendy and fashionable designs in men's Etched Tie Pins online from exclusive collection of metals and metal alloys, cultured stones, ceramic materials and other fine materials at attractive prices to meet every budget.

What are Etched Tie Pins?
Etched Tie Pins are alike die struck Tie Pins except that the embellished depressions are etched into the metal with an acid/film process which allows for far more complex, elaborate and intricate designs on your enamel pins. Once the Tie Pins design is shifted or transferred to the metal via the acid, the indentations are filled with suitable enamel after residue is washed off.
Etched Tie Pins are not manufactured through the standard die striking procedure in its place, they are made using an acid-reaction process, which transfers a photo negative onto a brass metal plate.

This process forms somewhat raised and sunken areas which are hand filled with enamel colours and then kiln fired. After cooling those Tie Pins, the raised segments on the Tie Pins are finely plated and polished to a shiny finish with epoxy coating.

If you are looking for complex, elaborate and intricate designs on your Tie Pins with fine lines, an etched enamel cufflinks are the perfect fit.

Etched Tie Pins are used to keep ties securely in place making them elegant and stylish clothing accessories. By wearing it you can add corporate aesthetics with a simple tie pin making it perfect fashion accessory for your wear.

Etched Tie Pins are indeed quality jewellery and truly valued possessions having long lasting impressions. They are precision manufactured by specialised and skilled craftsmen. Etched Tie Pins are usually used for gifting Concerts, Conference, Events, Fashion, Indoor and Outdoor Branding and other appropriate events.

Buy fine made designer tie pins from latest stylish and elegant collection for your Ties at Max Quality only.

Product Description
Brand Max Quality
Category Tie Pins
Product Name Etched Tie Pins
MOQ 100pcs
Material Brass/Zinc/ Mild Steel
Sizes Customised
Use for Gifting, Conference, Events,Fashion, Branding, Sports, Concerts
Packaging Standard/Customised

Key Features
  • Perfect choice for gifting
  • Premium quality product
  • Distinct product finish
  • High detailing
  • Zero compromise on quality
  • Specially formulated materials
  • Durable and long lasting polish
  • Available in attractive packagings
At Max Quality, be sure for detailing in products, best value for money, on time delivery commitment which is second to none as we committed to customer fulfilment for delivering best quality custom made designer Tie Pins and readymade Etched Tie Pins, products at a competitive market prices.

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