About Us

About Us

Max Quality, we are Mumbai (India) base manufacturer , trader and exporter of custom and ready lapel pins, Cufflinks, Tie Pins, Metal Keychains, Metal Badges, Buttons, Coining Dies , Stamping Dies and other ornamental accessories.

In business since 1992, Max Quality founded by Mr. D. Naresh is successfully manufacturing and providing high quality providing lapel pins¸ Cufflinks, Tie Pins, Metal Keychains, Metal Badges, Buttons, Coining Dies, Stamping Dies and other ornamental accessories in India and overseas including (US) United States of America, Canada, Africa, South Africa and Middle East.
About Us

Why us

Max Quality's assortment of lapel pins is extensive and our quality is second to none. Whether you are looking for flag pins to custom design pins we have something for everyone as our collection covers various popular as well as unique categories also. As a lapel pins manufacturer we custom design and manufacture lapel pins for many professional sports teams, schools, private and public companies, as well as small and large organizations of all kinds

Today we have long list of illustrious and satisfied individual as well as company's clients due to our company's heritage of quality, detailing in products, and best value for money, on time delivery commitment which is second to none.

At Max Quality to best understand your product requirements from a pencil drawing to the latest image format, we have highly experienced professionals, latest cutting-edge manufacturing machinery and technology for schedule bound delivery of your products.

At Max Quality, Here you'll find the finest quality made Lapel Pins and Challenge Coins, precision manufactured by professional Craftsmen. Lapel pins are indeed quality jewellery and truly valued possessions having long lasting impressions.

Packaging and warehousing

Max quality follows best warehousing and packaging practices such as clean premises, total security, goods handling equipment, experienced personnel, good sanitation practices, and receipt of incoming goods, assembling orders and issuing goods.

We follow best practices of packaging which results in minimum cost, prevent delays and damages to shipments or packaging. High grade packaging materials are used in accordance to Indian packaging standards for damage less deliveries of our products.

We fulfil custom and different packaging solutions are available according to client's demands and needs.

Product profile

Max Quality makes custom made Lapel Pins and Cufflinks, Tie Pins, Metal Keychains, Metal Badges, Buttons, Coining Dies , Stamping Dies and other ornamental accessories which comes in a variety of fine metal finishes in various sizes and shapes, to meet every budget.

The Key Features of our Max Quality's products:
  • Perfect choice for gifting
  • Premium quality product
  • Distinct product finish
  • High detailing
  • Zero compromise on quality
  • Specially formulated materials
  • Durable and long lasting polish
  • Available in attractive packaging
Lapel Pins
(Zinc Lapel Pins, Mild Steel Lapel Pins, Flag Lapel Pins, Indian Flag Lapel Pins, Twin Flag Lapel Pins, Three Flag lapel Pins, Custom Lapel Pins, Customer Commitment Lapel Pins, IIMB Lapel Pins, Military Lapel Pins, Sign Lapel Pins, Star Lapel Pins, Wow Lapel Pins, Lions Club Lapel Pins, Patriotic Lapel Pins, Personalised Lapel Pins, Metallic Lapel Pins, Safety Lapel Pins, Aids Lapel Pins, SEAP Lapel Pins, Badge Pins, Alphabet Pins, Bird Lapel Pins, Car Lapel Pins, Etched Lapel Pins, Lapel Pins for Clubs, Corporate Lapel Pins, Starbucks Lapel Pins, Engraved Lapel Pins, Shield Lapel Pins, Wild Life Lapel Pins, IPL Lapel Pins, Metal Lapel Pins, Bank Lapel Pins, Rhinoceros Lapel Pins)

(Brass Cufflinks, Metal Cufflinks, Logo Cufflinks, Gold Logo Cufflinks, Silver Logo Cufflinks, Designer Logo Cufflinks, Corporate Logo Cufflinks, Promotional Cuff links, Designer Cufflinks, Enamel Cufflinks, Etched Cufflinks, Gold Plated Cufflinks, Silver Plated Cufflinks, Photo Laminated Cufflinks, Customised Cufflinks)

Tie Pins
(Brass Tie Pins, Logo Tie Pins, Metal Tie Pins, Mens Tie Pins, Promotional Tie Pins, Corporate Logo Tie Pins, Designer Tie Pins, Enamel Tie Pins, Airline Tie Pins, Etched Tie Pins, Gold Plated Tie Pins)

Metal Keychains
(Mild Steel Keychains, Zinc Keychains, Religious Keychains, Volkswagen Keychains, Customized Keychains, Customized PVC Keychains, Spinning Keychains, BMW Keychains, Volkswagen Spinning Tyre Keychains)

Metal Badges
(Brass Metal Badges, MS Metal Badges, Zinc Metal Badges, Metal Name Badges, Gold Plated Badges, Printed Metal Badges, Metallic Name Badges, Oval Name Badges, Gold Plated Metal Badges, Magnetic name Badges, Uniform Metal Badges, Silver Plated Badges, Logo Badges, Airline Badges, Magnetic Badges For Banks, Star Badges, Uniform Metal Badges, Metal cap Badges, Round Metal Badges, Square Metal Badges, Rectangle Metal Badges)

(Brass Buttons, Zinc Buttons, Shank Buttons, Blazer Shank Buttons, Coat Shank Buttons, Designer Shank Buttons, Blazer Buttons, Costume Cuff Buttons, Cuff Buttons, Sherwani Buttons)

Coining Dies
(Silver Coining Dies, Gold Coining Dies)

Stamping Dies
(Silver Stamping Dies, Gold Stamping Dies, Embossing Dies, Silver Bar Dies, Gold Bar Dies, God Stamping Dies, Metal Stamp Dies)

And other Misc. Ornamental Accessories
At Max Quality, be sure for detailing in products, best value for money, on time delivery commitment which is second to none as we committed to customer fulfilment for delivering best quality custom made designer Lapel pins and readymade Shield Lapel Pins, products at a competitive market prices.

People behind Max Quality

We believe competitiveness, profitability and sustainabilityof operations of any organization depends upon the people behind it which are real drivers of it keeping it ahead of its competitors.

That is why at Max Quality, we hire a team of qualified QC professionals to keep track of our quality processes in the production department of lapel pins. Our research and development team continuously ensures new technological advancements and applies them in our designing and manufacturing processes of these enamel pins.

We have a research and development lab and quality department to check procured raw materials for testing. Separate processes have been enabled to maintain the quality of our products and finished products.

If you have any query or any question regarding product suggestion and information contact us and our staff are ready to help you find you best available solution to your needs.


At Max Quality, raw materials for lapel pins are procured to meet technical specifications for our products keeping in mind the application of products in purchaser industries and end finished products are regularly tested and maintained to meet industry standards. Products are manufactured in compliance with the Indian and global quality standards. Our offered products are extensively recognized in the market due to their features such as resistance against corrosion, well-tempered materials, sturdiness and resilience.

By using cutting edge manufacturing processes and quality controls across production modules we ensure customers get prime quality products customised to customer's requirements. Our single mind approach to set benchmark standards for our valves products through rigorous quality controls in our production to deliver quality products and delivery contract schedules helps us to maintain customer satisfaction and continuous sales.